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On board

Flying Experience

Libyanwings is dedicated to making your trip more inexpensive and comfortable. Learn about our one-of-a-kind business class, which was created with your convenience in mind so that you arrive at your destination rejuvenated and comfortable. We are committed to ensuring that you enjoy your flight from the minute you board. The seat’s innovative design maximizes legroom for maximum comfort. Enjoy delicious food and beverages from our onboard cuisine.

Business Class

Business Class

When booking a Business Class flight with Libyanwings you enjoy a premium travel experience from the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you depart the aircraft at your destination.

Business Cabin Seats

Business Class seating is a cut above the others, as it is both comfortable and tranquil. The seat allows you to enjoy your flight, lay your head back, and recline all the way, creating an atmosphere of pleasant serenity.

Business Cabin Meals

“Dine on-demand” service for business class  lets you have your meal the time you want on demand !

Economy Class

Economy Class

Fly accompanying us in Libyanwings Economy Class, and you will expect an affordable and enjoyable journey. The cabin is spacious and bright, bestowing you with a calming air all along with the departure.

Economy Cabin Seats

On our Economy Class seating, you will enjoy a comfortable flight with our well cushioned and spacious seats so you can get to your destination feeling fresh and fast.

Economy Cabin Meals

The Economy Class menu includes over 25 delicious appetizing dishes of local and international cuisine, covering three major meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.